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Ofertas de trabajo

A continuación se muestra una lista de las ofertas de trabajo actuales.

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H2020 Marie Curie

Charge Injection in semiconductor nanowires

Lunes, 08 Mayo 2017 11:34
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Ultrafast photophysics of two-dimensional materials: Two-dimensional materials are attracting increasing attention because of their unique electronic and optical properties. The aim of this research is the assessment of fundamental optical properties of such materials, as the behaviour of photogenerated excitons and charges. The main tool employed will be ultrafast transient absorption. The coupling of such materials with semiconductor nanocrystals (also heavily-doped) will be pursued.

Duration of the PhD scholarship: 36 months (12 months in the framework of a Marie Curie exchange program with 4 universities in United States of America).

Jueves, 06 Abril 2017 11:35
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PhD position “design of novel precious metal alloys for additive manufacturing” within a large collaborative project between Empa, ETH Zürich, EPF Lausanne, Paul-Scherrer-Institute (PSI) and Swiss watch industry.

Jueves, 30 Marzo 2017 18:52
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