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Offer Description

The Electrochemistry and Corrosion Research Group in the Department of Surface Engineering, Corrosion and Durability at the National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) is seeking to fill a postdoctoral research associate position studying the degradation of materials in aqueous electrolytic environments.

The successful candidate, under general oversight of the principal investigator (Dr. Santiago Fajardo), will focus in the study the mechanisms involved in magnesium alloy dissolution and anomalous hydrogen evolution. In addition, the successful candidate will contribute to assess the electrochemical and corrosion behavior of additively manufactured light alloys.

Additional Responsibilities include managing laboratory facilities, performing measurements, updating equipment, supporting undergraduate research, and fielding questions regarding procedures. The successful applicant will also participate in guiding students in the measurements and analysis of their data as well as helping to draft proposals, reports, and research papers. The appointment will be for one year, renewable pending satisfactory performance and funding.


A Ph.D. degree in Materials Science or a related field is required. Candidates with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry) will also be considered. Applicants must be familiar with most or all of the following research areas: electrochemistry, materials characterization (including optical and scanning electron microscopy, XPS, electrochemical techniques, optical profilometry, and scanning electrochemical microscopy), concentrated solution chemistry modeling, FEM modeling (preferably with COMSOL), and analytical modeling. In addition, strong technical aptitude and working knowledge of electrochemistry, materials science, and corrosion science is required. Good oral and written communication skills, as well as attention to detail and good record-keeping, are essential.

For questions regarding this position, please contact Dr. Santiago Fajardo, Tenured Scientist, at fajardo@cenim.csic.es.